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Effortlessly Coordinate Your Residential and Commercial Projects with VisiLean. Gain Complete Visibility, Streamline Resources, and Ensure Quality, Safety, and Cost Management – All in One Platform.

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One tool for all your needs

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Simple and effective workflow

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Monitor in real-time

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Deliver within the budget

Control & Deliver

Single solution for construction management

  • Collaboratively plan and execute the project using a simple app-based solution that integrates checklists, documents, photos, notes, quantities, and costs.

  • Monitor your projects in real-time with customised dashboards tailored to your exact requirements.

Efficient Trade Coordination across Project Zones

  • Seamless collaboration tools for enhanced trade coordination.

  • Reduced bottlenecks and optimised workflows in multifaceted commercial environments.
Location based task mapping
Assured regulatory compliance and approvals

Assured Regulatory Compliance and Approvals

  • Integrated compliance modules for evolving regulations.
  • Ensures smooth approvals and reduces risks associated with complex permitting.

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Your Single Source for Residential & Commercial Building Success

“If I have to describe VisLean in two words, then it’s “simple and crisp.” It’s user-friendly, and we get real-time updates on the live dashboards. The cherry on top is customisation within these dashboards. They make our lives easier and save us a lot of time. The platform shares the most important updates like total cost occurred vs. pending cost, progress and delay of work at the site, critical activities, and the upcoming month’s planned schedule. VisiLean LiveSite is an amazing and powerful app! One more great thing about VisiLean is its support team. If you need any clarification or are facing any issue or technical glitch, they will act promptly.”

– Sumeet Puri, Project Manager at Pyramid Infratech

Success Stories

BNBuilders achieved 90% PPC through COVID with VisiLean

VisiLean has been working with BNBuilders through COVID on an Instructional Building in Fullerton, California, as a Lean planning and project monitoring tool. VisiLean has allowed the team to integrate their schedule and get information in real-time from the site. With the advantage of P6 and BIM integration, VisiLean allowed BNBuilders to work with their existing tools and resources on a common platform towards driving efficiency and project improvement. The implementation yielded a PPC of 90% through March 2021 on the project; a staggering success in getting each sub-contractor to participate with reliable commitments!

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