Takt Planning with VisiLean

An Integrated Approach to Planning

VisiLean’s foundations are deeply rooted in Lean construction principles. As a dedicated production management platform, VisiLean integrates top-down CPM-based scheduling with bottom-up collaborative planning from the Last Planner® System. Now, with the brand-new Takt Planning Module, VisiLean provides a comprehensive approach and an integrated solution to construction project management.

Enhance Coordination

Enhance Coordination

Optimise Resource Allocation

Optimise Resource Allocation

Streamline Project Controls

Streamline Project Controls

Achieve predictable workflows

Achieve predictable workflows

Major Components of the Takt Module

Process Sequence Builder

Design and implement the sequence of Takt tasks to streamline and automate your processes

Takt Plan Visualiser​

Intuitive flow visualisation empowers the teams to optimise the processes and improve project efficiency

Batching | Zoning | BIM

Model-driven planning integrates batching, zoning, and BIM technologies for accurate project scheduling

Takt Control and Analytics​

Harnesses feedback loops and continuous learning mechanisms to repeatedly refine project strategies with data-driven decisions for improved project outcomes

Connection with Top-Down Planning

Incorporating the Takt Module with top-down planning enables stakeholders to consistently monitor the big picture for informed decision-making across the project lifecycle

Benefits of VisiLean Takt Module

Integrating Takt Planning with VisiLean ensures that project schedules are synchronised across different planning levels with consistent workflows, identification of critical tasks and the involvement of frontline workers.

Project managers can optimise resource utilisation by ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to critical tasks while maintaining a consistent pace of work.

With clear work-allocation between Trades and task allocation amongst users, VisiLean fosters collaboration and buy-in from the entire project team.

With VisiLean, real time updates from sites, can help identify deviations from the Takt plan, while the connection with the Master Schedule helps to identify the impact on the critical tasks that will affect the project’s overall timeline.

With an integrated module for planning and execution, project teams can identify bottlenecks, constraints, and opportunities for improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Integrated System for Successful Projects

“With the introduction of the Takt Planning Module into the existing scheduling module of VisiLean, we’re empowering projects with the essential tools. These optimised projects run smoother, setting new standards for operational excellence in the industry. Visilean as a centralised system becomes an easy choice for large-scale customers so teams don’t need to change their way of operations”.

– Martin Zilliaus, COO at VisiLean

Behind the Scenes!

Insights from our CTO!

Innovation in Action: Watch our CTO, Stefan Boddy, as he talks about the relentless efforts and technology adoption that went into making VisiLean’s Takt Planning module a reality.

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