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What is TAKT?

Takt is a German word, meaning “Rhythm”, “Cadence” or “Beat”.


Synchronise the Trade flow through your project!


Visualise the flow of package sequences across the zones!


Standardise and replicate sequence templates across your project and enterprise!

How it Works?


Creating Zones and Tasks

  • Easily create the Takt zones from scratch
  • Define the work packages and Tasks to create Wagons
  • Create standard sequence of Tasks to save Templates

Centralising Sequence Templates

  • Define visibility of sequences among global, public, and private
  • Dedicated template manager for summarised view of sequences

Switch from Planning to Execution

  • Toggle to a live mode to visualise the actual status at each Zone
  • Review and deploy control measures in project

Creating zones in 2D

  • Simply markup drawings and define Takt Zones for your project 
  • Visualise the zones and work packages in 2D

What it Does?







Easy to Build

Designed for simplicity – Designed for the ground!

Focus on the Flow

Visualise the flow of work like never-before!

Standardise and Improve

Learn from the performance of templates across your projects!

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