Self Registration

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Self Registration

VisiLean has now opened up its system through self registration and a one month free trial. Anyone interested in improving their construction project’s performance can now register through our website, open a new project and upload their plan and a model to witness the next generation lean and BIM construction management system. The free trial process is designed to try out VisiLean before making a commercial commitment. For users who don’t want to use their own data, the free trial process will provide demo data available to understand how the system works. There is in-system help/guide to explain all key functions of the system that enables a quick “on-boarding” to all users.

To get access to our self-registration functionality and create a project for trial period, visit our website and under the trial category fill all the necessary details related to yourself and the company details as shown in Figure 1.

After filling up all the necessary details as shown in Figure 1, you will receive the invitation mail. Click link in the email to get registered as shown in Figure 2.


Define your password and sign up to get started as shown in Figure 3. After this step your project is created and ready to explore. You will get access to sample project that includes a plan and a model. As soon as the trial period expires you will receive an email notifying your trial period is over and to continue further subscribe VisiLean.

Don’t get left behind. Discover how VisiLean can enable your teams to be more efficient. Want to know more? Head to our YouTube channel , or visit our website, to learn about all our features and book a demo with our team!

In 2023, the construction industry witnessed a transformative shift towards sustainability, harnessing BIM for enhanced project visualization, and embracing modular construction. With VisiLean's integrated platform, projects optimized resource allocation and mitigated workforce shortages, while contributing to global market growth. As we enter 2024, VisiLean continues to drive innovation, promising a progressive future for the construction industry.
VisiLean is a leading provider of construction project management solutions and a trailblazer in offering Lean-BIM integrated expertise. We’re excited to roll out special offers and promotions exclusively designed for former customers of Bosch RefineMySite and others for embracing the VisiLean platform. Acknowledging the unique needs of these users, VisiLean is committed to providing not only a seamless transition but also an enriched experience through exclusive benefits, comprehensive product training, and exceptional customer support in the following ways.

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