Terms of Use

Terms of use

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the VisiLean platform software as a service (“Service”) provided by VisiLean Oy (“VisiLean”). The purpose of these terms and conditions is purely informational, to provide an individual user (“you”) information about the Service and the currently valid terms and conditions required to be complied with in order to use the Service.

1.1 Service Provider

Name: VisiLean Oy

Domicile: Helsinki, Finland

Address: Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki

Business ID: 2725139-5

Telephone: +358 40 733 9659

Email: info@visilean.com

VisiLean Oy operates also under its parallel company name “VisiLean Ltd”.

1.2 Description of the Service

The Service is cloud-based construction management software that offers real-time solutions to real-time construction problems. The Service allows users to collaborate with their teams on-site to define realistic plans. The Service, taking into account section 1.4 of these terms of use, consists of the following functionalities (non-exhaustive and subject to change):

  • Gantt View: Allows users to import, create, and manage project plans with detailed task visualization.
  • Scheduler View: Implements a digital Last Planner system for phase and lookahead planning, facilitating robust team collaboration.
  • Table View: Offers dynamic reporting capabilities where users can customize data reports and export them as needed.
  • 3D and 4D BIM Models: Supports importing and linking BIM models to project activities, enhancing visualization of project progress and planning in real-time.
  • Mobile Application – LiveSite: Enables field updates, including task status and documentation, directly from construction sites.
  • Integrated Checklists: Automates quality and safety checks within the project schedule to ensure compliance and readiness.
  • Portfolio and Dashboard Views: Provides a multi-project overview and detailed performance metrics, integrated with Microsoft PowerBI for customized analytics.
  • Takt Planning views: They are infused into the VisiLean system, the combined power lies in delivering a project management experience that is both highly efficient and lean-focused processes that can be applied to the repetitive nature of a project.

The Service is intended for use by construction professionals who either are employed by a company that has entered into an agreement with VisiLean with respect to the use of the Service, employed by such company’s subcontractor (approved in advance by VisiLean) or in some other way are engaged by and associated with a company having entered into an agreement with VisiLean concerning the use of the Service.

In case you do not fall within the categories described above, you shall not have the right to use the Service.

1.3 Security of the Service

You must keep all usernames and passwords for the Service safe and confidential. Username and password are personal and must not be shared with anyone. You must immediately notify VisiLean if username or password has been lost or used or accessed by unauthorized persons. The user accounts are user specific and may not be shared with others.

You may not transfer or store any personal data into the Service unless otherwise specifically approved in advance by VisiLean.

You may not use the Service for illegal or inappropriate data sharing. You may not:

  1. Use the Service or make copies of the Service otherwise than as permitted hereunder;
  2. Copy, alter, sublicense, lease, distribute or rent the Service or make the Service available to the public or to any third parties;
  3. Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Service;
  4. Use the Service in any manner or for any purpose prohibited by any laws or regulations;
  5. Take any action designed to unlock or bypass any implemented restrictions on usage, access to, or number of installations of the Service; or
  6. Use the Service in purpose of spreading viruses or malware.

In addition, you must provide VisiLean with accurate, complete, and up-to-date contact information.

1.4 Changes to Service

VisiLean has the right at any point, for any reason and without prior notice to change the Service, including its appearance or usability level or other aspects related to the Service features, or to close the Service partly or entirely. In addition, VisiLean has the right to suspend the operation of the Service for the duration of maintenance and update measures without prior notice. VisiLean may notify users of significant changes via email, within the Service or by any other means chosen by VisiLean in its sole discretion.

1.5 Ownership of Service

VisiLean or its licensors own and retain all right and title to the Service and any modifications made thereto as well as. You may choose to provide VisiLean with feedback or suggestions with respect to the Service in order to help VisiLean continue developing top-quality services and products. If you provide any feedback or suggestions relating to the use, content, functionalities or development of the Service, VisiLean shall have the right to use such freely in further development of the Service and you agree to assign any and all possible intellectual property rights with respect to such feedback or suggestions, including the right to alter a copyright and assign it to third parties.

The trademarks and logos on the Service may not be published, copied or distributed without VisiLean’s written consent.

1.6 VisiLean’s Liability

You acknowledge and accept that VisiLean shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages of any kind.

1.7 Miscellaneous

VisiLean has the right to change and modify these terms of use at any time.

VisiLean’s privacy policy is available at https://visilean.com/privacy-policy/.

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