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There is no other product like VisiLean to manage your projects

VisiLean is used worldwide by major construction companies and consultants to manage their projects. With a proven return on investment and game changing efficiency improvements it is leading the market in Digital Construction Software.

Offering all the features of VisiLean with real-time 4D BIM visualisation to enable production planning and control. VisiLean is a comprehensive solution to manage even the most complex projects.

What our Super-Users say about VisiLean?

VisiLean gives the whole team visibility of the programme and the integration with BIM and quality management systems is a game-changer in collaborative planning!

Simon Barnes,&nbsp
Project Manager
Sir Robert McAlpine Review

Gantt View

A list showing your Tasks in a hierarchical format with swimlanes showing duration.


A collaborative planning window that allows you to visualise the work based on Owners, Locations, and Trades.

Table View

A tabular representation of your data on VisiLean. Ideal for review and reporting.


A performance review/project health check.

Mobile App

A mobile App for Live Updates - all your project information at the touch of a button.


The BIM Module allows you to visualise your project BIM Models for efficient planning and control decision making.

2D Markups

Not ready with BIM yet? You can Mark up drawings to link to your project plan.

We offer some exclusive add-ons to suit all types of projects – Customisable


A live integration with Microsoft PowerBi to allow customised report with real-time data.


A 4D simulator that can run the planned and actual simulation directly on your BIM model.


Record your updates in offline mode and sync it to the cloud once you connect to the net.


You can record Planned and Actual Costs against each activity for holistic cost tracking of your execution work.

Our solution is a production management platform built on proven lean construction principles. At the core is our lean-BIM integrated production management engine.​

Import project plans from your scheduling software or even create a plan directly in the system.
Collaboratively plan your look-ahead with your teams to ensure work is ready for execution.
Integrate BIM visualisation that can highlight critical factors to be addressed when making planning decision.
Access activities via the mobile app and update in real-time anywhere in the world in 9 different languages!
Upload photos, drawings, percentage and quantity of measurements, alerts and completion on a phone or tables.
​Integrate with Autodesk BIM360 to include design through pre-construction and execution stages and map issues directly into VisiLea​n

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