BIM in VisiLean

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BIM in VisiLean

Visilean’s BIM view is an elegant illustration of visual communication for construction projects. The most simplified ways of digitally representing activities (tasks or events).

The view is a highlight of our system due to its uniqueness of visualising work status through colours. It was developed so that your teams not only envision what the end product is but also can link and understand the execution process for each task as it progresses. The whole concept relates to the visual idea of production planning, monitoring and control where multiple models can be managed in a single view.

It’s possible to load different models (i.e. structural, MEP, architectural) and link them with your production plans. We offer a range of filtering options (i.e. in progress, completed, quality checked, responsible team subcontractor or worker) to segregate your work packages and easily review plans in 3D.

The cloud-based model viewer makes it one more step ahead and provides smooth navigation even though there are multiple models. The integrated BIM viewer allows you to track your projects in a live and interactive environment.

Using the model tree hierarchy, you can directly create multiple links between the tasks and their elements from there. Linking is fast and easy. We call this “model-driven linking”. The IFC and layers allow you to select model elements based on some categories by which model is designed and segregated.

You can import models from your preferred BIM software into our environment. We support open standards, and our system accepts IFC models. The models are version controlled, and there is every possibility of comparing two models in terms of added, deleted or modified elements from the revision option.

So your teams not only create a work plan but also virtually monitor and track projects in real time.

Visualise, Manage and Track in 3D

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In 2023, the construction industry witnessed a transformative shift towards sustainability, harnessing BIM for enhanced project visualization, and embracing modular construction. With VisiLean's integrated platform, projects optimized resource allocation and mitigated workforce shortages, while contributing to global market growth. As we enter 2024, VisiLean continues to drive innovation, promising a progressive future for the construction industry.

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