Streamlining Mega-Airports Project delivery with flying success

Key to Stability, Control, and Complete Project Visibility

Planning and coordination challenges escalate to 30,000 feet quickly when it comes to new-age airports. With the narrowest time constraints and the widest stakeholder involvement, aviation projects require dynamic systems that can modulate according to the nature of the challenge. VisiLean is the construction management solution designed to address the ever-changing landscape of aviation projects.

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Effective coordination

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Complete work clarity

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Efficient control measures

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Transparency in project status

Empowering & Efficiency

Centralised System for Streamlined Supply Chain Management by VisiLean

Centralised System for Streamlined Supply Chain Management

  • A hub for managing the entire aviation supply chain efficiently.

  • Ensuring stakeholders stay informed with real-time updates.

Enhanced Efficiency: Empowering Trades for Ground-Level Production

  • A time-saving tool for trades, enabling focused attention on critical production tasks.

  • Streamlining operations for heightened efficiency.
Enhanced Efficiency Empowering Trades for Ground-Level Production By VisiLean

Integrated Coordination: Streamlining Design, Approvals, and Make-Ready

  • Streamlined coordination for design, approvals, and make-ready through a unified module.

  • Enhancing work clarity to ensure safety and quality in time-critical work environments.

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Precision and Harmony in Aviation Project Management

“With the use of VisiLean and its ability to create tailored dashboards, the team could assess their workflows, pinpointing successes and challenges through real-time updates obtained directly from the project site.”

– Heathrow Airport, UK

Success Story

Enabling efficiency in the expansion of Mega Airport Project | VisiLean - Mace - Heathrow

Mace, a leading UK contractor, strategically employed VisiLean’s PPCS to enhance Heathrow Airport. Managing projects from Cargo upgrades to new features in Terminals T1, T3, and T5 demanded precise planning. VisiLean served as the unified platform, integrating master and production plans, minimising errors with real-time supplier updates. This streamlined process saved time and resources, resulting in notable time savings, improved planning, and better project control. The success led to VisiLean’s expansion from 2 to 14 projects in six months, proving its efficiency in the Mega-Airport Project at Heathrow.

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