Driving Efficiency in Building Complex Data Centres

Plan, execute, and control Data Centre projects

VisiLean helps clients achieve up to 43% programme efficiency on Data Centre projects. Since 2018, we’ve successfully managed state-of-the-art data centre projects with multiple stakeholders.

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Achieve realistic production plans

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Effortless Trade Coordination

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Reduce defects and rework

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Meet sustainability targets

Integration & Innovation

Enhanced Work Preparation and Mapping

  • Accurate mapping of Risk Assessment Methodologies (RAMs), and constraints ensure proactively identifying and addressing potential challenges.

  • Dedicated Make-Ready Workflows manage Hazardous Risk Areas (HRAs) and optimise project safety

Exemplary Project Control for Repetitive Work

  • Streamlined processes for repetitive work allow effective handovers and lead to continuous improvement in productivity.

  • Built for Project Control to aid in monitoring and optimising the construction projects

End-to-End Sustainability

  • Minimising defects and rework promotes resource efficiency to reduce waste in the construction processes.
  • VisiLean has a sustainability tracker for real-time tracking of carbon emissions. It helps in monitoring and achieving environmental sustainability objectives directly from construction sites.

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Your Partner in Every Facet of Data Centre Construction

“VisiLean stood as the cornerstone for construction efficiency, revolutionising processes with real-time control in our Data Centre project. Its pivotal role ensured seamless workflow management and timely progress, setting new standards for excellence.”

– Kevin McHugh, Production and Planning Associate Director at Mace

Success Stories

VisiLean Powers Mace & Hyper-Data Centre Evolution!

Mace used the VisiLean solution to achieve significant benefits on the comprehensive data centre project. VisiLean’s integration with Lean and BIM, streamlined their processes to deliver faster, safer, and qualitative projects while creating a better working environment. 4D BIM visualiser benefitted in the management of trade handovers. As a task flowed through various statuses, the team could follow this visually and take proactive action.

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