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Reality Capture

Aerial capture from Drone flights helps to validate the progress on the models or maps. 360° site walks generate premium quality and safety reports for remote inspection.


Live 4D visualisation with trade colours, task status, and potential bottlenecks.

Constraint Management

Strategic constraints mapping ensures complete visibility of design, approval, and resource challenges.

Dynamic Dashboard

Visualise cost monitoring, resource management, and project progress dashboards to monitor its planned vs actual status for effective construction management.


One intuitive and next-gen mobile app for the entire project team.

Intergrated Planning

From smooth importing of plans to your preferred Gantt, Scheduler or Table view for clarity in workflow before executing it onsite.

Quality and Safety Management (QSM)

Create dynamic checklists for Quality and Safety Inspections by adding files, and photos, then authorising them for efficient project controls.

The VisiLean Advantage for Construction Management

Bridge the gap between the site and the office

Real-time collaboration with the on-site team on our user-friendly mobile application, LiveSite for project progress updates.

High ROI Assurance

Prevent cost overruns with streamlined construction management. Facilitate efficient resource allocation to save costs for guaranteed ROI.

Transparency in Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Gain visibility across the portfolio. Pre-empt bottlenecks and foster accountability on a single platform.

Enhanced Visualisation with BIM

Integration with Live 4D BIM provides clear insights into construction progress, planned vs actual status, and sequences.

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