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California, U.S.

Project Cost

$54 million




Categories: Commercial


Fullerton College is an Instructional Building, part of a University Campus in California. The project is around 76,000 sq. ft. in overall area, which also includes a Central Plant Unit (CPU) building. The Instructional Building is 3 floor structure, divided into various 4 zones (A to D), each housing a set of lecture halls, corridors, meeting rooms and service units. The entire structure surrounded an open-to sky central courtyard.


  • The project faced the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic that brought work to halt for a considerable duration of time. The team had to strategise the planning carefully upon their return, to ensure that the substantial completion date remains unaffected, by covering up the gap of no work on site.
  • The collaborative planning sessions would take place in a closed room with the suppliers and the superintendents working with the master schedule to derive lookahead plans on a board. This manual approach to pull planning posed a major setback when accommodating the COVID restrictions of physical proximity which had a direct impact on the communications between teams.
  • In terms of progress monitoring, the team would spend hours updating schedules by taking updates from the site. 


  • Integrating the production plan with the top-level Primavera P6® plan. The system allowed the teams to break down the top-level plans into detailed manageable tasks, update critical information on them and take them back to the P6 program.
  • Schedule integration with BIM gave them the power to visualise the project with the actual construction status. Teams could focus on actual site status, just by looking at the BIM models that had the live task updates. Constraints were linked to these tasks, helping the team understand what is to be resolved.
  • The scheduling could be integrated with BIM models that already existed and give the power to onsite teams to use the App on mobile devices. They’d seamlessly send progress updates to the same platform that would tie back all the way to the BIM model. 


  • Staggering Percent Planned Complete (PPC) of 92% through the month of March 2021 (average of 5 weeks).
  • VisiLean is a Lean-BIM integrated tool that helped the team to not only recover the site-shut period, but also manage to complete and deliver the project 6 weeks ahead of schedule. 

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