VisiLean launches the Digital AEC Club

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VisiLean launches the Digital AEC Club

VisiLean, in collaboration with Faculty of Technology – CEPT University, is proud to launch The Digital AEC Club. The intent of this Club is to provide a platform for people from the AEC industry background to exchange their thoughts, experiences and expertise.

The Club is open to both academia, as well as industry. Hence, we invite students, faculties, and practitioners across the spectrum of our domain to participate in this venture.

We wish to develop a community which enables the growth of ideas, striving towards continuous improvement towards the collaborative advancement of our industry.

Breakfast Series

As a part of the fortnightly gathering of the Digital AEC Club we are introducing the Breakfast Series.

The intent of this gathering is to host free exchange of ideas among like-minded professionals. On December 17, 2019 we hosted our first session at the CEPT Canteen with students of the University participating from varying batches of the civil background.

The informal breakfast session enabled students to freely discuss their thoughts on the industry, challenges faced and ideas realised, as well as future expectations and goals. Some of the discussions even hosted topics around academic curriculum and practical experience.

Join the Club

With the successful launch of the Breakfast series, we will be hosting our next session in the coming week. We welcome you to join us inquisitive minds over a warm cup of chai this winter morning.If you wish to be a part of this community, kindly register your interest here.

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